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Welcome to L.S.Caine Electronic Services

L.S.Caine Electronic Services was started some 40 years ago to provide support for customer projects that my then employer did not want to do in house. Various single chip processor projects have been built over the years, but with the ready availability of PC based hardware, the development side has tended to move to software, although we still manufacture a number of additional products to enhance the capabilities of our systems. The Model Engineers Digital Workshop provides a range of products in kit form to augment the workshop of the smaller engineer, at an affordable price, while Enquirysolve provides support for our Client Management System that was developed in the early 90's for the Benefits Agency and is now being used in a number of council and local government offices.

The LSCES development framework has evolved over many years, starting with assembly code programming on a number of early machines including an ICL1900 computer at Guildford Technical Collage. Early PC based development work was done using Borland tools and Builder C, while current projects are essentially web based using PHP and Firebird. The development platform is currently Linux based using Eclipse which allows cross platform working easily.

The Model Engineers Digital Workshop and Enquirysolve which are both running our own hardware with a high bandwidth pipe and is located in Sheffield. We have also added the web sites of Rainbow Digital Media to the portfolio and are taking advantage of the existing infrastucture to support and improve these sites.

Mapping Index is back to where it was, but with additional material, and the images and fields have been reorganized in the Mapping Material Gallery. A new addition to the archive is the development work on Mobile Computing which is tracking my efforts to get a replacement Sat Nav system for the car.

The ibWebAdmin demo's are back up again after the server was switched to PHP5.3, but ibWebAdmin needs all of the long_array references removing for compatibility for future versions of PHP!

The Family Tree material, using phpgedview GEDCOM manager is now available at phpgedview.lsces.org.uk This is using a version of the latest phpgedview ported back to ADOdb so we can use Firebird as the database. To go with my family tree activity, I also collect stamps and am now starting to catalog that collection properly. The initial planning notes for stamp collection management are here.

Presence on the Internet

NewRack The server stack had grown beyond the short rack that was housing it, and when a full height rack came up on ebay at the right price, there was little reason not to get things tidy. This carries a complete backup of all the content of the Sheffield servers, along with private on site servers around the country.
Picture of the Sheffield servers would be nice Dedicated servers - lsces.co.uk, the RDM portfolio and other hosted sites

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